Mistress Sabrina came in with her and whisppered to me "lets see how well you can dominate this whore, also in the top drawer there is a few items that may help you in your endevor. I am not sure if I have "phenominal" orgasms but I do make a lot of noise when I come. UMMMMMMM, its delicious with your love juice on it, I put it back in for a few more strokes then I take it out and let you taste it, while I hold you by the clit with two fingers. so, I'll be running off to bed. I doubt that she'd talk to me anyway. Soon, the room was empty once again, except for Amanda and me. She then inserted a piece of alka selter in my ass (2 1/2 pieces, a whole piece won't fit all at once) and then she inserted another half-melted ice cube. Like with Kathy. Funny how we can be so very open with one person and yet so closed with others. " Jane came down and hugged Rita again.